Learn how to calibrate your RTL-SDR dongle's PPM error value with rtl_test and kalibrate

Get a rough estimation of your PPM error

rtl_test -p

Let rtl_test run a few minutes to warm up your dongle and settle down to a rough estimation of your ppm error.
This is required for kalibrate, otherwise if your value is too far off you will not get a result.

Acquire a GSM frequency for calibration

Either look up some online database for your location or use kalibrate's scan feature:

kalibrate/src/kal -s GSM -e <rough_PPM_value>

Take the most powerful channel and use it for a calibration run (e.g. channel 86, ppm estimation 36)

kalibrate/src/kal -c <channel> -e <rough_PPM_value>
kalibrate/src/kal -c 86 -e 36

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